Life has many challenges and obstacles that come and go. Your life may be as cool as a fall breeze or you may be experiencing a summer hurricane. Whatever your season, nothing can spring you from that season but the love of God. 

I was a newly second time mother when i entered a season where I really felt God. I felt him so strong, as if he had given me no choice. It all began at a Beth Moore women’s event in Mobile, Alabama. First of all, I had zero knowledge of Beth Moore and if I’m being quite honest I was just ready for a few hour break from being a new mother. I was invited to the event and I believe that weekend changed my life forever. 

After the event, I registered for a free cd. I never do this because, well free isn’t always amazing. I played the first track in my car one day and Rebekah Lyons was pouring out her story of calling and how her God-given talents were revealed through her season of struggle. Her story was an instant connection with me. I felt her words and truth through the speakers as if she was holding my hands and telling me to be calm through my next season. I soon discovered her words would help me through a season of calling. 

The day of the Beth Moore event, something happened. I was literally on the edge of my seat wanting to take the microphone from her. I had no idea what I was going to say, which is odd because I always have something to say. So, thankfully the Lord quieted me because my time to speak would come.

Over the next year I began speaking about how the Lord was pulling at my heart to write and speak. I spoke to a women’s group a few times, but the feeling of release did not go away. I felt something growing in my heart and my mind needed to let it go. But, what was it? And, why was it taking so long to figure out? So, I began to write more and more. 

Writing poetry and journaling have always been a part of who I am for as long as I can remember. I would even rhyme about  my mom’s roast beef. Silly, I know, but writing was a connection to myself and God when I needed him or to praise Him. 

I believe my calling is to reach out and encourage everyone to journal and write down exactly what you’re feeling. Get it out! Whether it’s writing out your future goals, prayers, business ideas, poetry, or just trying to get your thoughts straight from a hectic day. It doesn’t have to be perfect, because this is for no one else but you!

 So, let’s make a new year challenge. For the remainder of this month write and describe what season you are living, then come back to your words in February and look for any changes in your season. If your not an avid journaler, you will surprise yourself in three ways. First, you will probably realize your handwriting is terrible, you don’t know how you passed second grade spelling, and your words would absolutely make zero sense to anyone else but you. But ultimately if your being honest with yourself, I believe you will find peace in this exercise. 

Just remember, no matter what season you are in, happy or sad, it’s temporary. Not everything is made permanent. You just have to stay strong and keep your prayers coming along. 

God bless! – Kasie 

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