Styling A Church Pew

Today, I’m sharing one of my most favorite pieces. My dad found this church pew from a church that was closing down a few decades ago. It’s the most sturdy pew I’ve seen, and from the looks online they are pretty pricey to purchase. So, we were blessed with generosity.

Depending on how big your church pew is, remember to keep it simple. For me personally, a church pew is beautiful on its own so you don’t want to over do it. I used all white pillows, a coffee filter wreath I made, and this beautiful “welcome” sign from Meggie B’s in Semmes, Alabama. By the way, consider yourself lucky if you are near to Meggie B’s. They have the best selection of home decor and the owner is a true Southern Belle ❤️

In the future I will be making more coffee wreaths if anyone is interested to see more. They are so seasonless and even beautiful with just the coffee filters alone.

Thank you for joining along this weekend. And, if you have some fun ways you like to decorate your church pew or bench, please share I would love to see your beautiful work. Just tag me in a post on Facebook or Instagram. Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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