Less Is More

My decor style is all neuatrals, because when does wood, black, and white ever go out of style? Hmmm, never! I believe my obsession with white came from my grandmother, my wood interest from my father, and my crafty ness from my mother. I have a lot of talent in my family, and I look to them for lots of ideas. 

My main go-to for unique looks are Antique Malls, Goodwill, Craigslist, yard sales and more yard sales. I try not to buy anything brand new, because I want my home to be unique and I want the same for you. 

Some of my most precious finds have been from yard sales. And somehow if there is a treasure to be hunted, I will be the first to scout it out. The key to success with yard sales is all about TIMING. Remember early bird gets the worm, which is so true.

Yard sale season is coming up so be on the look out! This season is usually from around March to October. Right now folks are beginning to spring clean, which means the gold is out there for you to collect. In future posts, I will give you some of my secret tips for yard sales and Goodwill hunts. Here are a few of my favorite finds!

These green antique lamps were $6 for both and I just added the shades.

This antique bowl and pitcher was $5 at a yard sale and the sewing machine was free sitting on the side of the road. 

And this white plate and wooden bowl were a $1 each at Goodwill.

Believe me there is a science to the find, so continue to join me here so you won’t be left behind. 

Have a great week and I will meet you back here for Encouraging Words Wednesday! 

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