Encouraging Words Wednesday

Words spoken can leave a lasting impression, but words written can be a forever liberation – Kasie Purvis

Hello everyone and thank you so much for joining me for Encouraging Words Wednesday. Last year through my journey of Calling, I journaled very often and wrote down the words that I felt God was giving me. Not only do I love to journal but, I love to create inspirational messages that can give encouragement through any situation. 

So, when I created, “Words spoken can leave a lasting impression, but words written can be a forever liberation,” I felt like that was a phrase I lived by my whole life but never formed the words together. And, as I read the phrase over and over it clicked one day how true these words are, not just from a journaling aspect but a biblical aspect. 

The Bible holds stories about Jesus Christ that reveal to us that we are free. We can hold and read his truth in our hands and be liberated from any sorrow, grief, sin, or any other pressing situation we are going through. We just have to listen and receive. I truly believe that the Lord gave me that message so I could share it with the world, and I’m so glad he did. 

This verse really spoke to me last year, and maybe it will speak to you. Matthew 10:26-27, For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what he hear in the ear, that he preach upon the rooftops. 

Y’all, it gives me chills as I type that verse because I know the Lord was clearly speaking to me last year and telling me to share my words with YOU. If the Lord is speaking to you right now and you can sense it strongly, don’t ignore it. Don’t be afraid, because he wants you to reveal it. And if you can’t speak, because your to afraid to share it with someone write it down. Let the words sit for a while and really understand what he is telling you. 

Thanks again for joining me. 

I look forward to our next Encouraging Words Wednesday. Have a blessed day ❤️

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