Books Based On Calling

“It’s where your gifts and your burdens collide that is actually calling.” 

                               – Rebekah Lyons

Happy Wednesday, y’all! I’m so happy you made it over for Encouraging Words Wednesday. In previous posts I have written on Calling. I cannot express to y’all how much I had literal knowledge of what that actually felt like or meant. So, I would like to share an author with you that I believe has touched many lives with her story. 

During a long season of Calling last year, the Lord led me to author and speaker Rebekah Lyons. She has written Free Fall To Fly and You are Free, which are quick reads to anyone who is going through a season of struggle or journey into calling. She is the most honest, passionate, and beautiful writer I’ve ever seen. And, I mean that whole heartedly. 

I’ll never forget the moments of connection I felt through her words during her season of difficulty and Calling in, Free Fall To Fly. I was introduced to her from a free cd I received from a Beth Moore event. At first, my comparable thought to the “handout cd” was the equivalent to hand sanitizer, Meh! But, after I listened to the first track I was compelled to purchase her book. As a newly second time mother, you and I both know that there is zero time for a book in hand sitting on the couch or a trip to the book store. So, I purchased Free Fall To Fly on my phone. My phone operated like a Kindle during mindnight feedings and I eagerly looked forward to my quiet time with my sweet newborn and my intriguing book. 

“You cannot see the unknown, until you release the known.” – Rebekah Lyons

As I read through her books, some of her “ah ha” moments of becoming a writer had me saying, “me too, me too!”  In particularly, she would walk her child to school and spontaneously  have an inspirational moment, then jot it down in the Notes section of her phone. I do this myself and later transfer the words to my journal. This is not to say I’ll become a writer, but it’s inspiring to read the moments that led to her Calling and love of connection to words. 

Everyone has a Calling it may be small or big, but God has called you to be You. And your gift back to God is using that gift. Last year my Mom gave me a box of books, binders with class notes, and journals I kept throughout the years. The words I discovered through those journals revealed God’s gift to me, which is connecting with people through writing or speaking. I don’t proclaim myself as a writer or motivational speaker, just a southern girl with always something to say. 

“Never trade the truth for a lie.”               – Rebekah Lyons

I know that you will get something out of her books, whether it’s a laugh, cry, or surrender to Him. Her story of being a Southern mom to three kids and moving to New York during a season of difficulty is a guarantee that she can relate to just about anyone. 

If you have read her books, tell me what you thought and what you learned from her experience. And if you haven’t, then go order it now and let’s chat afterwards. I hope you all have a great Wednesday. See y’all around here again next week!

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