Spring Decor On A Budget

Spring is near y’all! I know there is still snow in some places, but for me once Christmas is over I go into spring mode quickly. So, this year I decided to start with my mantel. 

Decorating for any season can be very expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you haven’t already noticed I like to buy most things second hand. There’s just something about finding treausres uniquely cheap that really give me the thrills. 

Everything in this picture EXCEPT the flower and garland were purchased second hand. Not everything was purchased at once, just collected at the right time for the perfect assemble. This entire mantel, including the flowers and garland, was decorated for around $50. 

Below is a detailed list of where I acquired the items:

White Frames – $1 from a yard sale 

White Glass Pitcher – $1 from a yard sale

Wooden Picture – $2 from a yard sale

Old Tackle Box – Free from side of the road

Magnolia Garland – $20 at Kirkland’s during Christmas 

Magnolia Flowers – $20 from Michales (which are 40% off right now)

Coffee Filter Wreath – I made myself 

Wooden Stool – $10

I really wanted to use Magnolia flowers this year, because it reminds me of our lovely home we had in Mississippi. Magnolia is the state flower, and  luckily for me those are in style right now. I hope this gives you some spring decor inspiration during these chilly temperatures. If you are decorating for Spring as well, I would love to see your decor. I hope you have a wonderful week and I will see you around here for Encouraging Words Wednesday. 

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