My Fave Lamp

I’m absolutely in love with this lamp. This has been a favorite I’m sure on everyone’s list, but if your unfamiliar, the lamp was purchased from Magnolia Market. We have been in our home for 3 months without a lamp in the living room and it was time to complete that project. I was so pleased with the lamp that I had to share my personal review.

I’ve had my eye on this lamp for a few years now, but the price was way over my budget for a lamp at $175. After searching in the past few months at yard sales, flea markets, and second hand stores nothing really caught my eye. I wanted something black, white, distressed , and neutral to go along with my theme in our living room. Recently, the lamp was restocked and on sale for $105, which is a little more reasonable. So, as a first time customer with Magnolia, I was very pleased with the quality for the price. 

I really love the experience Magnolia gives you when making an online purchase. Included in the package were the above items. They were so sweet to include this little bag, with of course a real magnolia leaf attached. The company really put a lot of thought into the packaging and delivery experience. I definitely rate them at a 10 in that department. 

I’m more impressed with the lamp itself, than I thought I would be. Somehow I envisioned the shade to be made of cloth, but it’s actually made of a thin metal. The height is perfect and very sturdy. The detail from the one way light switch to the distressed petals is absolutely worth the purchase. Also, there is free shipping with this item. If you want to take a look for yourself, click here .

Thanks for stopping by this evening, I really enjoyed sharing this review with you. I never intended to share a review on the blog, but I’ve been so giddy about this lamp that I couldn’t resist. Have a great week and I will see you back here for Encouraging Words Wednesday. 


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