As a mother you truly wish they could stay in these boots forever. My son has loved wearing boots since he could walk. And as he sat them on the church pew in our foyer, I had to capture a moment where I hope time would stand still. 

These days are so busy and rush, rush, rush. It doesn’t matter if your a full-time working mom, dog mom, stay-at-home mom, wife, daughter, or child, things are just busy. I too am very busy with running a blog, working full-time, wife to a wonderful husband, and proud mom to two little children. But, it’s worth every minute.

With that being said, as busy as life can be, it makes the amount of time to focus on the Word very limited. So, I’ve decided to include y’all in my journey to reading the Word part of my weekly routine. We could all use a little routine change, right? Especially when it’s a challenge to help us grow. And, this way we can all hold each other accountable into the journey of experiencing God more. 

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So, the devotional above titled, “Phillipians, FOCUSed 15,” is a 6 week devotional into helping busy women experience God daily. It’s a 15 minute study each week, which is totally manageable. The devotional is based on, “Engaging God’s Purposes, Encountering His Peace, and Experiencing Renewed Joy.” You can sit at your computer or phone on Wednesdays with a cup of coffee in hand, and I will walk you through this devotional. Not only am I looking forward to learning this devotional, I’m looking forward to learning from you too! We can all learn from each other’s journey. 

A quick price search through Amazon amounted to around $12. Over a 6 week period, the devotional would cost you $2 a week. So, are you ready to dig into this devotional with me? If you’re ready, click on the title of this post and leave a comment if you have an interest in this devotional. Or, if there is a different devotional you would be interested in studying? Thanks for joining me here for Encouraging Words Wednesday. I look forward to this new journey with you. Have a blessed evening. 


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