You Are Free

Hello everyone, I hope your week is going well. We are almost free for the weekend. Unfortunately, this week I’m late on my Encouraging Words Wednesday post. I put a lot of thought into these posts, and this week I was torn between the Phillipians study guide by Katie Orr and the You Are Free study guide by Rebekah Lyons. So, I’ve decided to go with what has been on my heart. I’m sorry to change my mind last minute, but I think everyone will enjoy her study guide and videos. 

Throughout the next few weeks I will discuss parts of the, “You Are Free,” study guide followed by a video. All of this is her material, I’m just interpreting and delivering. Think of it like this. We are gathered around as a small group in front of a fire on a cold night, drinking hot chocolate, in the middle of a field discussing what it means to be Free. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

First, I’d like to start off with this 20 minute video click here

“We were not made to keep up, we were made to be free.” How true is that. No competing or comparing, just to be free in our talents and gifts. What’s also important to remember is if you want to be free from fear, shame, guilt, or whatever you’re holding onto, ultimately you will have to leave that pit to be free. 

Being free can mean lot of things. Free from health issues, broken heart, judgement, but whatever it may be, freedom is going to look different for everyone. Just look to yourself and define what freedom will look like to you, and pray to be realeased from that hiding place. 

Freedom to me, is without a shadow of a doubt knowing what your gifts and talents are and how to use them. Not everyone’s gifts and talents are going to make you a million dollars or be the next Joanna Gaines. But, there is something to learn from everyone’s talents big or small. 

As you enter into your day this morning and the weekend, think and pray about what it is that will make you feel free. We will be joined next Wednesday, but on time. I hope you enjoyed being here. Have a fantastic weekend. 


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