Free To Confess

Hey y’all and welcome to week 2 of the, “You Are Free,” study guide by Rebekah Lyons. This week the study guide focuses on confession. But, before we dive in, I just wanted to say thank you for following along Positively Purvis for now 2 months. I can’t believe 2 months has already flown by since Positively Purvis began. I’ve had the best time studying and putting together these messages for you, so I hope you continue to visit. 

” Confession is the gateway to freedom.”    Rebekah Lyons

Amen to that! Confession is a pretty deep subject with yourself, or even more so, with another person. In my mind, someone who confesses what has brought them weak is a fighter. A fighter who is pushing through what’s blocking their way towards light. Just really letting go of what has slowly pulled them down without warning. 

Well, what happens when we confess? That’s the beauty, you are leaving the truth in his hands to carry out His truth. You’re literally giving away a piece of your self to become whole. Isn’t it worth the risk, just to be free?

If you are reading along with the Bible study, Rebekah Lyons mentions an amazing quote from Ann Voskamp, “Those who keep score in life just want to know they count, but when you do what you do for an audience of one, you always know that you count.” Rebekah goes on to say, “If we’re trying to do it in our own strength instead of the Lord’s, it just becomes a prettier version of striving.”

If you are interest in hearing some of Rebekah Lyons speaking events Click here

I really thank you for visiting and I hope this bible study is truly bringing you joy on this Wednesday. Next week the Bible study will be called, Free To Begin Again. Have a wonderful week and I will see you back here in a few days. 


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