White And Bright

My most favorite part of my living room are the white slip covered couches and chair. I bought this set at Rooms To Go two years ago, and so far they have been easy to keep clean. We have two toddlers, so there are just a few extra steps to keep white couches stain free. 

When there are toddlers romping around the house, things get messy quickly. Jumping on the couches, hanging on the arm rests, and sliding down the cushions are an everyday occurrence. So, taking extra measures to keep the white clean and stain free is a must. 

So, to keep my arm rests protected I covered them with a white table runner I found at a thrift store. I cut the table runner into two pieces and laid them across each arm rest. The color of white used on your arm rests doesn’t really matter, because the mixed shades of white can make the room feel more cozy. 

We sit on the love seat the most, so I also like to cover the seats. I use a white blanket to cover the base of the seats. Then I tuck the excess portion of the blanket into the side of the couch for stability. The blanket will save you from washing the slip covers as often. 

The best part of slip covered couches is the washable fabric. The fabric is easy to clean and does very well in the washing machine. When I pop them into the washing machine, I set the wash on delicates and wash one at a time. After they are washed, I hang them up to air dry. 

The white is so versatile and can go with any season, which I love. The look of the fabric can seem a little wrinkly at times, but that’s just a sign that you and your family gather around often to enjoy time together. 

If your having thoughts about slip covered furniture, go for it. They are manageable to clean by using protective measures and they automatically give a room a clean vibe. If you have any additional questions, I’d be glad to answer them. See you around here for Encouraging Words Wednesday. Have a blessed Monday. 


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