Well Hello

Hey y’all, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. We have been sick and were graced with some visitors the last few weeks. But, now everyone is well and I’m back on track to blog posting and crafting. I have a few things in the works, to include gifts for your out of town guests. You will love it.

There is a local flea market that I like to visit often, and I found something I just had to have. This antique ironing board was surely a must have. It’s in great shape and is very versatile. It can be used for a night stand, hung on the wall as wall art, or be used as a stand alone piece. The options are truly endless. I could barely wait to show you, so I scurried up some decor so I could quickly display this beauty. 

I will change the decor up a bit, but for now I’m satisfied with the current decor. My most favorite piece in the house is this windmill. Let me tell you, it took me FOREVER to get this windmill. When we purchased our first house in the country, I envisioned a windmill on the wall of our dining room. Unfortunately it was during a time where windmills weren’t as popular as they are now. I purchased this windmill from www.ironaccents.com So, I ordered the windmill and was quickly sent an email that is was on back order. I wanted it so badly, that I found the pateience to hold onto the dream of having a windmill in my home. 

In the mean time I searched through Craigslist in Mississippi and Oklahoma to see if it were possible to by a used windmill. I figured it would be a no-brained to find a windmill on Craigslist, wouldn’t you? Unfortunately there was no such luck, unless I wanted one as big as my house. Six months later, the back order was lifted and my windmill was headed my way. So, I thought. 

One of the U.S. ports went on strike and my windmill was held hostage for an additional 2 months. I truly never thought I was going to get an authentic windmill in my hands. But, I was determined and willing to wait for this stunning piece. The quality is truly amazing. 

Do you have a windmill or a piece that took patience to become a reality? I would love to hear from you. I truly try to find pieces that are rare and build up a conversation. And usually the conversation is backed by a story. 

If you are flea market shopping or have an ironing board of your own to share with me, I’d love to see it. Stick around for some spring decor and gifts for your out of town guests next week. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see ya around here soon. 


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