Affordable Hospitality Gifts

Happy Easter weekend everyone. I hope your weekend is full of sunshine and your time is long with family and friends. The holiday has approached quickly and I can’t seem to figure out how March came and gone like a gust of wind. Easter tends to sneak up on me every year.

Now that we live out of town, we frequently have guests from time to time.  And, with Easter weekend here I’m sure your out of town guests are happily on the way. Soon you will be making more memories together and someone will be lucky enough to get the golden egg.

With our families coming to town, we do our best to make lasting memories each time. Our family travels very far, and it’s usually about a 12 hour trip. It’s truly nice to have such awesome loved ones who travel that far just to spend some time together.

Like your family visits, we usually have lots of photos taken. Selfies, silly videos, or the typical “cheese” photos that sit on the camera roll for months at a time. I’m not very good about posting family photos on social media, so I wanted to think of a way to thank my guests for making a haul of a trip to see us. And, I wanted to incorporate some of the photo memories we took during the visit.

As I brainstormed, I came up with the idea of sending a Thank You card to include printed photos on the card stock. I wanted them quickly, so I decided to use the Walgreens App to manipulate the the Thank You card text. The prints are ready for same day pickup, which is also convenient. Below are some instructions on how to maneuver the App.

And, the final product will look something like this.

Within minutes you can have a memorable gift for your out of town guests. It’s less than $2 to make and you can pick the card up the same day. These cards can be used hang on the fridge, sit on your office desk, or used as a keepsake.

I hope you enjoyed this gift idea, and most importantly I hope you enjoy time with your precious families. Happy Easter weekend everyone.

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