Vintage Market Days Raleigh, NC

Hello everyone!!!!!! Vintage Market Days has made its mark in Raleigh, North Carolina and will mark that spot again in November. The market travels all over the U.S. and made its next stop in Mobile, Alabama (Roll Tide) at the end of August. I was so pleased with the setup and overall experience, that I felt the need to share.

As I walked into the Exposition Center at the Raleigh State Fairgrounds, I was impressed by the setup and cleanliness. The first booth that I stopped in reminded me of a store in my hometown, that I shopped frequently. As I’m looking through the well-put-together booth, I see a familiar face. No! It couldn’t be, could it? But, it was! Donna Eubanks, the owner of a store in Mobile, Alabama called The Vintage Market was here in Raleigh, North Carolina by much surprise. It was such a delight to see someone from Alabama, so of course I snagged a photo.

Check out this awesome piece from her booth.

Searching through each booth was a different adventure each time. There were booths with children’s books, handmade items, food, and vintage clothing. The vendors were from all over the country. They travel around with Vintage Market Days from city to city sharing there amazing finds. But, good news is they will be back in Raleigh November 30th. I’m sure there will be lots of vintage Christmas items galore.

I did find a piece that I was looking for, so I call this trip a win. I’ve been looking for seating to go in our playroom or some type of versatile seating for guests. So, I found these folding bench seats from an old church. They do look like vintage theater seats, but the way I know there not theater seats is the pocket on the back for Hymnals.

Did I mention that these fold? They can easily be put in the back of a truck or carried outside to a gathering around a fire. Really the opportunities for this piece are endless.

For now, I’m going to enjoy this piece while I watch the little ones play. I hope you get to experience a Vintage Market Day in your city soon. If you’ve never been, put it on the bucket list.

My next blog post will be about Fall decor, so get ready for some exciting new finds and DIY.

Have a great weekend y’all!

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