Meeting MMS

It’s officially Christmas y’all!!! This week has been very special for me. First of all, this was the first Thanksgiving that I cooked traditional Thanksgiving food for our family of four. Talk about pressure! I made sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, and homemade Mac and cheese to go with steaks. Apparently, we didn’t have enough carbs this week, so I helped fill that gap.

Normally we are scooted on up to a table next to our immediate families, but we had a bit more quiet Thanksgiving this year. We prepared and cooked all morning. Homemade biscuits and gravy (recipe via FaceTime with my Mom) and patty sausage was for breakfast. The kids asked at least every 10 minutes, when lunch was going to be ready. Which sounded all to familiar, because used to do the same thing but probably more often. The food just smells so good, you can’t help but ask right? Especially when there is a dished being topped with marshmallows! YUM!

So, any who, before Thanksgiving I checked off a bucket list of mine. And, very unexpectedly too. I had the honor and privilege to meet Marian, who is the owner of the Blog, Miss Mustard Seed She was at Mercantile located in Knightdale, North Carolina, which is the cutest antique shop, doing a live demonstration using her Milk Paint Line on a piece of furniture. It was such a fun time.

So, the main reason I wanted to share this post is to give you a few tips using the Milk Paint that she uses on her furniture. Here are a few photos of her work:

Beautiful, right? I knew you would agree. I’ve personally never used the Milk Paint before, because I was fearful of using the powder and mixing it with water. I figured I would screw that up. But not to worry, there are detailed instructions on the packaging. And, there is really only one step, JUST ADD WATER! That’s it!!!! Below are a few things to know about Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint

    It’s used as a stain to soak into the wood unlike other paint where it stays on top of the surface.
    Leaves a flat finish.
    The paint is very forgiving, so accidents can be repaired quickly.
    The paint dries VERY quickly. No more waiting the next day to use your piece.
    Milk paint has a forever shelf life, because it comes in the form of a powder.
    Milk paint is the oldest form of paint.
    Miss Mustard Seed milk paint line also sells waxes, hemp oil, bonding agents, brushes and brush cleaners.
    There is NO strong odor. You can paint it inside your house!!!!

I’m planning to use milk paint in the future, now that I know there is no reason to be scared to use it. Again, you just add water.

During Marian’s demonstration, she was also giving creative business advice. So, if your reading and looking to start a creative business here are a few things she mentioned:

  • START WHERE YIU ARE! Meaning if you keep kicking the can down the road and never start it will never happen.
  • Don’t go into debt.
  • Don’t be afraid to be diverse in your creative business. Not every business has to be about one niche. “There can be a lot of stability in diversity.” -MMS

I thought that was great advice. And, if you want more of Marian aka Miss Mustard Seed then go give her a visit. She has amazing tutorials and if you email her she will be sure to email you back.

For the remainder of my day I plan to put up the rest of my Christmas decor and dive into Miss Mustard Seed’s book, “Inspired You!” Here’s the link if you’d like to purchase it. And, by the end of the weekend I’ll be making a blog post on my Christmas mantle. I think your really going to like it.

Happy Saturday everyone and stay safe if your shopping.

Romans 15: 5-6 May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Jesus Christ, had so that one mind and one voice you glorify the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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