Vintage Market Days Raleigh, North Carolina

img_1937Hey y’all!!! Long time, no talk! I made a recent visit to Vintage Market Days in Raleigh, North Carolina. If your not familiar with this market, you should get familiar. It’s a market full of vendors selling vintage and antique items. And, today I’ll show you what I found.

I was on the hunt for something small enough to hold some American flags. There were tons of great choices, but I really wanted something that was a one of a kind statement piece. And, my best tip in a big market like this is to go through the aisles twice. You’ll always see something different than the first round.

So, on my second trip down an aisle I spotted some precious dishes that were so darling and charming. What caught my eye initially, was the emblem on the front. It was a signal to me that is was an original.

The emblem is a shield with dagger in the middle and the company name, “Kelvinator.” I never heard of the company name so I did a good ole Google search. The company was an American made refrigerator company back in the 1920’s. But, the really cool part about this piece is it was given to customers for free. As a customer, if you purchased a refrigerator a complimentary dish was gifted like the one above. I can attest to the great quality of this dish and I’m impressed with how it’s held up for nearly a hundred years.

If your wanting to buy some dishes similar to these, just Google search “Kelvinator Vintage Dishes.” Websites like Etsy or EBay will be the best places to look.

And, this time of year there are markets popping up everywhere, so be sure to check out Vintage Market Days. Just check out their website for the dates and locations. And, show me what you got!!!! I also found an amazing find at Goodwill, so I’ll be sharing that soon.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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