Moving Sentiments

So, your moving? I’ve notice there are many people moving their families across the country, the next neighborhood over, or across the pond this time of year. Moving can be exciting, scary, or just a flat out leap of faith. But, the decision you’ve made will have some great learning experiences. You’ll see!

Just over a year ago my little family moved from our home state to North Carolina. This was a tremendous move for us, especially since we were leaving the first house be bought together. I always pictured we would live in that house for the rest of our lives. But, God had other plans for us. So, we listened.

I wanted a part of that house that I could hold onto forever. I didn’t want to forget the parts of the house we spent the most time in, or the “self-claimed” chairs we sat on around the kitchen table for dinner, and the place where we spent countless hours playing with the boys on the floor. It was important to me to see how I decorated the house, so 30 years from now I could look back and point and laugh at how awful it all looked. And, then relish in the memory of how perfect and simple it felt at the time.

So, I decided to hire a photographer to take some photos of us in the house doing things naturally. I requested that the photographer not ask us to look at the camera directly and smile, because I didn’t want anything taken away from the actual moment or what we naturally did as a family. The photographer did a great job and I will forever be thankful for these moments she captured. Sentinemts (1)

Here my son is literally scratching my face off, I can remember that like it was yesterday. And, I can still feel the pain.

Sentiment (3)

This photo makes me smile, because this is how you would find us at dinner. I always enjoyed being in the rocking chair, just so I had a good excuse to have a kid in my lap. Just rockin’ and rockin’.  It’s also an awesome reminder of how little each of the boys were when we made that move. I can’t believe the littlest one was still on a bottle. That’s for sure not the case anymore.

Sentiments (4)

Something else I decided to do was leave a note for the new homeowners. I wanted them to feel warm and invited into their new home. Just as I felt living there.

Sentinments (2)

With each move we make in the future, I want to continue the tradition of photographing our routines and togetherness as a family. And, if your moving I hope this gives you an idea for a keepsake for yourself. I wish you the best of luck in your future.



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