Thriftin And Pickin

You can call it retail therapy, an obsession, or one step towards hoarding, but shopping at thrift stores is my go-to for decorating and “pickin.” There are a few tricks along the way, that have come in handy so hopefully these tricks will give you a nudge to go “thriftin.”

Recently, I was at a thrift store and snagged this very large unique bird house. Personally I’m not a big fan of birdhouses, but the tin roof and the detailed construction caught my eye. The inside was clean and nothing was broken, so it seemed to be a good purchase. The birdhouse was found “behind the glass,” meaning those items were a little more expensive. Those items can usually be bargained, so don’t be afraid to ask. The worst answer you will get is, “NO!”

IMG_2643 (1)

Most thrift stores place a sticker on items for sale along with the date. The date signifies how long it’s been on display. From what I’ve learned, if it’s two weeks past the date on the sticker you can ask for a percentage off. I’ve been successful with the date trick quite a few times. Especially if it’s been over a month, time is money, and the goal is to get rid of inventory.

Goodwill is a good resource I use to find treasures, but what I learned recently is that there is a Goodwill outlet. I know that sounds like it doesn’t make sense, but believe me they are out there. Just Google, “Goodwill Outlet,” and see if anything pops up in your area. If you are someone who likes to paint furniture, a Goodwill outlet may be a perfect place for you to purchase cheap furniture and turn it into your original handiwork.

Thrift stores can be a bit overwhelming and not very organized at times, so move things around and look underneath the piles because you never know what you’ll find. I personally enjoy looking through the home section and photo frames. Old frames can be used for so many things and they are normally the cheapest.

With July approaching, the slogan “Christmas in July,” is normally floating around. Let me just tell you it’s not just specific to Hallmark, people!!! My favorite thrift store in Raleigh, North Carolina is doing a Christmas in July event so make sure you keeping an ear open for those bargains.

That wraps up my Thriftin and Pickin tips for now and I sure hope this has give you some insight and inspiration to Pickin during your extra time this coming holiday week. I hope your upcoming 4th of July is wonderful. See y’all around here next week.

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