Ottoman Upcycle Part 1

Luck had me a few weeks ago as I left a thrift store with a trunk load full of treasures. This round shaped ottoman left with me that day, and oh boy do I have plans for her. The shape of the ottoman is a great size for a living room, bedroom, doggy bed, or mini trampoline in a playroom. The white legs and frame really give this piece an opportunity to be neutral or match whatever style your seeking.

Today, I’m basically day dreaming of my final plans to turn this ottoman into a functional piece of furniture in our family room. First, I’m debating on the fabric choice. I actually like the vintage looking pattern it currently has but I need the fabric to flow a little better in the family room.

Our family room has different neutral colors that are mainly tans, whites, and wood color tones. So, my fabric selection needs to be something that can coordinate together. I would like the fabric to add a little more texture to keep a warmer look instead of something plain that could give off a stiff vibe. I’m not a huge fan of patterns so textures can be a little out of my comfort zone because they feel to trendy at times.

So, I did a google search of some fabrics that never go out of style. And the fabrics that came to mind were buffalo check, toile, and ticking stripes. For me toile has always seemed to be such a southern and comforting fabric. But here are some of the contenders I found.

Tan Buffalo Check

Gray Buffalo Check


Ticking Stripe

I don’t think I could go wrong with the choices here, but it’s always nice to have a second opinion. Which fabric do you think would look best on this round ottoman? Let me know what you think in a comment below or go to my stories in Instagram or Facebook to vote which fabric you would choose.

Also, if you were going to use this ottoman where do you picture it in your home?

I’m excited to see your answers. Next week I will reveal the progress I’ve made on this ottoman and the fabric selection that I decided to use.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.

See you around next week.


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