Ottoman Upcycle Part 2

Happy weekend! Thank you for all your help with choosing the fabric to reupholster this ottoman. There was a majority vote for the gray with white buffalo check but the toile and ticking stripes were at an even race. So, I was able to find some very neutral toile and I think it’s an awesome classy option for any home. I found this toile on Amazon and here is the link.

Toile Fabric.PNG

The ottoman is not finished, I have mainly just picked the fabric, which is a staple part of the project. I removed the original fabric and used that as a guide/pattern to cut my fabric. This saved a ton of time, because the measurements were calculated. To make sure that I cut the correct amount, I pinned all sides so the fabric would not shift while cutting.

IMG_3053 (1).jpg

Ottoman With New Fabric

Ottoman Close Up

I’m looking to line that space between the fabric and the base of the ottoman with some roping and here is what I’m looking at, so tell me what you think? It will just give it a more cleaner look.

Fabric Rope

I will be using a staple gun to connect the fabric to the base of the ottoman and then I will use a hot glue gun for the roping.

I think what drew me to the toile fabric is the timeless print that it gives. Like my friend said, “It’s like the leopard version of clothing, it never goes out of style.” My next post will be the final production and steps I used to completely recover this ottoman. 

Aside from finishing this project, I’ve been focusing some extra time on revamping this website, “picking,” and listening to some podcasts that are faith and business inspired. I want to share some inspiring messages with you soon that I think anyone could appreciate.

I will be back here next weekend, so until then enjoy the summer fun and thanks for following along.


6 thoughts on “Ottoman Upcycle Part 2

  1. Absolutely love the style and making of this ottoman! Keep it up, Kasie and know that I’m proud of you and the love that you put in to your findings!


      • Kasie, your passion for creativity is seen through the southern style that’s in you … from the perspective eye that finds you rather a find or Pickin a memory awakens and the wheels start spinning continue on with the finds that find you we look forward to the next piece that catches the southern style you inspire, until than keep your eyes open for the next piece that awaits your creative mind😊


  2. I love this it’s so pretty. You shared the link for this toile, do you have a link for the one you showed in previous post? I have been looking for one that includes a variety of farm animals like that one and can never find one.


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