Boy Room Décor – How I Decorated Using Thrift Store Finds

Y’all! Whew! This has been a quick week. Nothing specific happened, I guess we just enjoyed the cooler temps outside. With the humidity and temps down, it has really got my brain moving toward the upcoming seasonal holiday décor. But, I’m no where near ready to be sharing those with you. During lunch a few times this week, I had a chance to go to some thrift stores. They had Christmas in July at different locations and I really racked up on the cheap.

My youngest wanted his own room because he outgrew his baby bed. Unfortunately, I have been lacking on the decorating part. He literally had a bed and dresser in his room. He didn’t even have a night stand. So, this week I decided to fix that. At first, I struggled with how I wanted to decorate the room. My first initial thought was to attempt a gallery wall of cross stitched patterns of owls, horses, and cowboys. Those frames seemed to be a little darker than what I wanted for that space. So, I had to come up with something else.

I decided to challenge myself and decorate everything with thrift store or yard sale finds and anything else I had on hand. The train trolley was the main focus of decorating this cubby. It has been my most favorite thrift store find and it’s absolutely a statement piece. It’s extremely authentic, and moves like it’s brand new. The detail and smooth wood finish shocks me that someone would actually give it away.

Hank's Room

Since the train is so long and wide, I needed something that would center it without drawing away any attention. While searching through my house I landed on these lamps I found at a yard sale. They work here because the green from the lamps pulls the green from the train together.

For the rest of the décor, I just used neutrals so that I could continue the focus on the train. I mainly pulled everything from the playroom, that they didn’t even play with anymore. The shoes are my little fellas and the profile was my attempt at being artistic one day. To me it looks like him, just don’t look to close at the rough edges on the construction paper.

My purpose for this post was not only to inspire bedroom décor for a boys room, but to inspire you to get out there and start thrifting. It can be so expensive to decorate, and it really doesn’t have to be. Let me know your favorite decorating hacks below. Until then, I will see you around here next week. Y’all have a fantastic weekend.



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