Mom Hack: Free Personal Fashion Stylist

Hey y’all! I was chatting with some Mom’s a few weeks ago about finding time to shop for clothes without spending 7 hours in the mall. These days it’s so hard finding extra time to shop, especially if your a momma. Weekends are filled with games, birthday parties, Church, and finding time to clean your house. So, where is the time for shopping? I have a new strategy which may not be news to you but I thought I would share anyway.

For moms, the internet has brought so many conveniences to our finger tips. I mean my dreams came true when I could order groceries from Walmart online. That’s been not only been a game changer but a life changer.

Anyways, finding your style through an online shop can be tricky. The models are normally the opposite of your body type which can be super annoying. Sure they give the measurements, but if your like me, I’m guilty as charged for being too lazy in sizing myself. And sometimes just to give myself a confidence boost I will disregard my measurements and go down a few inches. We’ve all been there.

So, for years I would Pinterest my favorite work outfits, gym clothes, and street clothes. But, Instagram has really changed the dynamic for me when shopping and styling clothes. I follow quite a few “Fashion Bloggers,” on Instagram and let me tell you they have changed the way I buy clothes FOREVER! Just so that I’m clear, a fashion blogger is someone who shares their clothing style through pictures and videos of how the clothes look off the hanger. Below are a few reasons I love shopping through Fashion Bloggers

  1. Clothes Are Tried On For You – Anytime I attempt to purchase an item online, the photos don’t necessarily reveal how the fabric hangs and moves. So, Fashion Blogger model the clothing normally in the stories portion of there social media.
  2. Links Are Provided – The work is literally done for you. A link is provided to the piece of clothing that will directly lead you to the item on the purchasing website.
  3.  Sizes and Measurements Are Not A Problem – My favorite part of following Fashion Bloggers is their height and clothing size are listed in the profile section. This is so helpful for me because I am so short.

Just as an example, Fashion Blogger Amanda West aka almost_readyblog is someone that I regularly go to for fashion recommendations. Her style is affordable classic neutrals with trendy styles mixed in. Below is an example of her profile on Instagram. It lists her size, her style, and website for links to all her clothing selections.

Instagram - Almost Ready Blog

There are so many other fashion bloggers out there that have different styles, and I’m sure you will find someone that suits you. Just Google fashion bloggers or search #fashionbloggers on your social media account and the list will go on and on. It’s so beneficial having someone else to shop for you, through all the seasons including vacation to include swimsuits. I hope this has given you a new way to shop without all the stress and time of going into a store. If you have some other mom hacks please share them below. Thanks for stopping by this evening and have a wonderful week.


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