Coffee Filter Garland

Throw Back Thursday. Y’all Fall is right around the corner. I know the summer heat temps can make it hard to imagine Fall, but I think we are all ready for everything pumpkin spice and fire pit nights. So, I’d like to share my DIY garland tutorial from last year.

I’ve always adored the beautiful garland that trims the doorways for the Fall and Winter seasons. So, I decided I wanted something neutral and fluffy, but didn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars. I mean I’m balling on a budget here.

I love crafting with coffee filters, so why not make garland for our front door? My vision for the front porch was to seem as if I bundled up a bunch of leaves from the ground and placed them around the frame of the door. Nothing too over-done just simple. And, today I’m going to show you how to make it.

For this project all you will need are boxes of coffee filters, hot glue, and seasonal ribbon and wired ribbon which I purchased from Michael’s. The finished garland will not cost very much but does take quite a bit of time and patience. To keep focus, craft this project in 30 minute increments.

The most important piece of the project are the coffee filters. Below is the brand and size that I used.

The above photo is how you want to crumble the coffee filters. To create garland around a standard door, you will need close to 400.

Next you will need a type of wired ribbon that has a fencing pattern, so that you can glue the coffee filters and also thread seasonal ribbon through the holes. Below is a picture of the ribbon I used and how I hot glued the coffee filters.

Before I go any further, I wanted to mention that I measured the door frame and cut each ribbon into 3 sections, one for each side and the top of the door frame. This made it easier to hang, and gave me a glimpse into how the project was looking once I finished each section.

Once you have completely filled each section with coffee filters, you can thread ribbon through the holes of the fenced ribbon.

After the coffee filters are glued and ribbon is threaded through, it’s now ready to hang. And, the final project should look like this.

My favorite part about this project is that this garland is so versatile. For the Christmas holidays I will switch the ribbon and maybe add some ornaments.

Don’t have time to complete the project? Message me on Instagram or email me at to get your order in for the upcoming season.

Y’all have a great weekend and enjoy the cooler weather. See y’all around here soon.

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