Amazon Fall Finds

I’m like you, yes you, just glad that there was an invention of a little something called air conditioning. Oh my word, y’all it’s hot out there. Geez Louise. On the upside I’ve been seeing some signs of Fall though. The brush in our backyard has been revealing some new colors and I’ve been eagle eyeing the number of leaves on the ground each morning. I’ve basically been taking an inventory of what Nature has lost on the property sheet.

The photo below has some gorgeous red leaves from Fall one year. These were actually dried leaves from North Carolina, and I’m impressed they have stayed a rich red color and maintained stability from the day they were cut. I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I had to move a little Fall into the living room.  I’m not rushing you, I’m just patiently awaiting the moment I can start pulling out all my décor for the holidays.

Early Fall Mantle

I’ve also been searching and day dreaming about what I would like to do for Fall décor this year. Normally I keep it pretty simple and neutral, but for some reason I’m feeling a little more color this year. I like the traditional red, yellow, and orange tones. But, I also like keeping it simple with white and greens. So, I thought I look for something that compromised both options.

Just like everyone else, I super duper love Amazon Prime and figured I would start there before everything becomes sold out on the first day of Fall which is September 1st PEOPLE!  Any who, here are a few Fall wreaths and items I found so far.  Click on the item and it will take you directly to the Amazon link.

Okay, so if you’ve gotten this far you either love or hate me for sharing some Fall decor. Sorry, not sorry.

I will need your help this year. I typically stay with neutral colors for the seasons, but I’d like your advice. Would you like to see more color or keep it real with all the woods, whites, and neutral tones? I just have to know!

Until then, stick around the next few weeks for my Fall porch reveal and other decorating ideas around the home. And, if you order one of the wreaths above tag me so that I can see how awesome it looks. Have a great week! Happy Monday.


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