Fresh Eucalyptus For Fall

Hey y’all. I hope today is finding you well. This morning I woke up to a beautiful morning. I checked the temp which was 63 degrees, and accepted the invitation to have some tea outside. So, I boiled some water and grabbed my favorite coffee cup. There is something about a quiet morning in between seasons. There were sights of yellow leaves and a slight breeze blowing in the air. Not quite Summer and not quite Fall, but just right.

I think Fall is one of the most life changing seasons of the year. Kids are going back to school into a new grade, some are moving away for college, and some are embarking on a new journey they felt led to do. For me, Fall is special and I bet it is for you too.

As I reflect on the upcoming Fall season, I’m also preparing some decor. I’ve had it on my brain to decorate with eucalyptus. Preferably the seeded eucalyptus instead of the round pearl eucalyptus. I just find the pearl to be a bit too modern for me.

I wanted to experiment with fresh eucalyptus, instead of artificial because the smell and look is just so much better. There is just something about fresh flowers that can brighten any mood. And, if I ever go shopping for flowers Trader Joe’s is the place to go. I purchased 8 bundles of seeded eucalyptus for $25. I think that is actually a great price. I called a local florist and they wanted $100 for a thick piece of garland. So, this was a much more affordable option.

As mentioned before, the eucalyptus came in bundles. So, I literally just laid the bundles on top of the mantel and stuck pieces inside of a grape vine wreath. “>Click here for a similar wreath like the one in the photo. There was no particular order with the placement of the branches and leaves, they were just evened out on each side. That’s the beauty of this project there is no pattern because the idea is for the leaves to look and fall naturally.

I also stuck pops of orange berry floral from Michaels into parts of the leaves. The orange berries come in a garland style, so I just cut each stem off individually and randomly placed them in the eucalyptus. Click here the for a peek at the orange berry garland I used. Also, the pumpkins are from a thrift store find a few years ago. I just love the neutral color and size of those pumpkins. They could go with any fall decor.

Since, the eucalyptus is alive and fresh I plan to give an update next week to show you the progress of how the leaves dry. I’m really hoping they continue to “dry pretty.” And, let me just say that the smell from of those leaves is so fresh and clean. You will not regret that a bit. Not too strong at all, just refreshing.

This is super affordable and cost less than $50 for a fresh new look. I hope you will try it and share your photo with me. I hope y’all have a great week and I will see y’all back next week.


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