Fall Inspiration: Update To Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath And Garland

Fall is finally here and I’ve broken out the faux pumpkins, cinnamon brooms, and everything pumpkin candles. There have been slight changes in the temps and the leaves are turning red and yellow. It’s such a beautiful time of year to see change in effect.

We recently made a trip to Tweetsie Railroad in Boone, North Carolina and it was absolutely gorgeous there. If your in North Carolina I highly recommend the trip. There are carnival rides, zip lining, and a steam engine train that runs on a 3 mile track with a live Cowboy and Indian reenactment. There is also a ski lift to take you up to another part of the mountain where a petting zoo and gem mining are there to explore. Also, a town called Blowing Rock is just a few miles away and it’s the cutest little town you will want to see for yourself.

A few weeks ago, I posted about some fresh eucalyptus garland and I wanted to give you an update and tips on what I liked and what I would do different.

First, after taking out the eucalyptus from the package dry the stems off. Then style the garland exactly how you want it. When the garland dries it will be too stiff and crunchy to style it any different.

It will take about a week for the eucalyptus to dry. When it’s completely dried out it will shrink. For me I wanted a thicker look, so I added more bundles of eucalyptus to keep the look I wanted.

I was afraid that the leaves would not “dry pretty,” but I was proven wrong and it still looks just as stunning after almost a month. The major bonus is the fresh smell that fills your house.

Random fact about eucalyptus. I told a few folks what I was decorating with for fall. Their immediate reaction was, “isn’t that what koalas eat??? I legit had no idea that what they ate eucalyptus so there’s your random fact for the day.

To continue on the Fall feels I have linked below some ladies that are showing how they decorated for Fall. I hope you enjoy it. Have a wonderful week. And, I’ll see y’all around soon.


Aesthetic Interiors


Loverly Cottage


Julie Olmstead


A Well Purposed Woman


4 thoughts on “Fall Inspiration: Update To Fresh Eucalyptus Wreath And Garland

  1. Absolutely loving these photos! Sweet family. Thank you for your informative post. Didn’t realize that Koalas are eucalyptus haha. Now that’s funny! Love the mantle, for sure. Keep it up. Love it!!


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