Christmas Garland

Y’all Christmas is upon us and it’s coming a little quicker this year. Uh, twenty three days to be exact. This has forced me to prepare for Christmas earlier this year, and I can’t say I’m mad at it.

My plan was to use all things from thrift stores and items I already had. So, during a “Christmas in July” event at a local thrift store I stocked up on all gold/brassy ornaments.

The three colors I chose this year were greens, golds, and whites. And, to add a little more fluff to the garland I used some eucalyptus from my fall mantle. It actually seemed to make it look more fresh and real.

The wooden chair spindles are my favorite part of this garland. I painted them a very faint white, and I really like how they give the look more of a farmhouse style. To hang the spindles I used a thin beige roping.

The gold balls are nothing fancy and were a 10 pack for a dollar at the Dollar Tree. You can find those just about anywhere.

I can’t say this project came together quickly, but it was super helpful having a color palette to stick with. My original plan was to use black and white toile this year, but maybe that will be for next year.

I love that Christmas brings so many different ways to make you happy. Family heirlooms, handmade popcorn garland, all the DIY you can handle, and family gatherings. I hope this short season of Christmas finds you well and you enjoy every moment of serving others and reminiscing the story of Jesus.

Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Garland

  1. I absolutely love your mantle!! With every touch you make, I always know it’s a DIY from your creativity. Looks beautiful, Kasie and Merry Christmas.


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